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[AMAM (雨あられ)] 図書室ノ彼女~清楚ナ君ガ堕チルマデ~/ Toshoshitsu no Kanojo ~Seiso na Kimi ga Ochiru made~


Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 01
Yukiha-chan is a girl who belongs to the library committee, but she is in love with Aida-kun a kind boy but she doesn’t dare to confess her feelings but all that will change when she meets the school janitor an old pervert who likes schoolgirls….

Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 02
We continue with the adventures of Yukiha-chan in this chapter, Yukiha will be blackmailed by the dirty old janitor who has a video in his possession of them fucking and will make her a proposal to delete the video in exchange for doing what he wants, will Yukiha accept the deal….

Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 03
In this third installment Yukiha-chan will have a date with Aida-kun, who will discover the dark secret she shares with the dirty old janitor….

Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 04
This time we will see the final decision that Yukiha-chan will make, will she accept Aida-kun’s love or will she succumb to the dirty old man of the janitor who has blackmailed her all this time….

Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 05
This time Yukiha-chan’s teacher wants to know what happened to her, but she is trapped by the dirty old man of the janitor who will subdue her and…

Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 06
Yukiha-chan’s teacher continues to be subdued, by the dirty old janitor but then the school principal arrives thinking that he will rescue him but things are not like that….