Rouninsei to Eroiyatsu – english Average 5 / 5 out of 1

浪人生とエロい奴 / 复读生和色情的家伙 / The Ronin and the Sexy Thot


A ronin’s life is sent out of control by a mysterious beautiful woman!? A new serialization in Young Champion begins!

Tadano Sato is in love with his good friend Fujiyoshi Natsu. They applied to the same university and he’s decided that he’ll confess to her once they’re both college students!

However, this is a manga, so you know how this goes: she passes the entrance exam, he doesn’t.

But he already signed the lease for his off-campus apartment before getting his results back, so it’s moving time anyway! There’s a surprise waiting for him the first time he opens his closet door, though: an extremely hungover, extremely beautiful, extremely naked woman along with an alarming amount of empty beer cans, snack wrappers, sex toys, and other miscellaneous vices. And it turns out she’s lost her wallet, and got amnesia!? Naturally Tadano does what any normal Japanese person would do and drops her off at the police station to get help putting her life back together, and also so he can actually finish unpacking all of his stuff (and clean up that horrendous mess in his closet, yikes).

However, this is a manga, so you know how this goes: that wasn’t even slightly the last time this ronin and this thot will ever meet.

Will Tadano’s academic career ever get back on track? Is his relationship with Fujiyoshi doomed before it can even begin? Why do his attempts to get away from this mysterious drunken thot improbably fail? Will this manga actually last longer than two volumes before getting axed? Who knows! But it’s in Young Champion, so whatever happens, expect to see a lot of boobs along the way.